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My hopethough in a foreign land i dwell afar,i taste in dreams the endless joys of heaven.fain would i fly beyond the farthest star,and see the wonders to the ransomed given!no more the sense of exile weighs on me,when once i dream of that immortal day.to my true fatherland, dear god! i see,for the first timei soon shall fly away.ah! give me, jesus! wings as white as snow,that unto thee i soon may take my flight.i long to be where flowers unfading blow;i long to see thee, o my heart’s delight!i long to fly to mary’s mother-arms, -to rest upon that spotless throne of bliss;and, sheltered there from troubles and alarms,for the first timeto feel her gentle kiss.thy first sweet smile of welcoming delightsoon show, o jesus! to thy lowly bride;o’ercome with rapture at that wondrous sight,within thy sacred heart, ah! let me hide.o happy moment! and o heavenly grace!when i shall hear thee, jesus, speak to me;and the full vision of thy glorious facefor the first timemy longing eyes shall see.thou knowest well, my only martyrdomis love, o heart of jesus christ! for thee;and if my soul craves for its heavenly home,‘tis but to love thee more, eternally.above, when thy sweet face unveiled i view,measure nor bounds shall to my love be given;forever my delight shall seem as newas the first timemy spirit entered heaven.

therese of lisieux