Kirk Cameron

Born 1970 Oct 12
Gender Male
Country USA

ctor Kirk Cameron was born in Panorama City, California, on October 12, 1970. He began acting at a young age and found early success as teenage-heartthrob, Mike Seaver on the popular family sitcom Growing Pains. As Cameron grew up he focused his attention on religious activism. He runs the organization "Way of the Master" which spreads what he believes to be the truths about Christianity.

Kirk Cameron was born on October 12, 1970, in Panorama City, California, to a schoolteacher father and a stay-at-home mother. He is one of four children and was not the only child-star in the family. Both Cameron and his younger sister, Candace, found fame at a young age. Cameron began acting professionally at 9 years old. Friend and young actor Adam Rich introduced Cameron to acting, and helped him acquire an agent.

Cameron was soon landing commercials and earning small television appearances. His first starring role was on the television series Two Marriages in 1983.
Two years after Cameron's first starring role, he earned his career-defining big break as Mike Seaver on the popular family sitcom Growing Pains. The young actor grew up on set, spending seven years of his childhood with the show. Growing Pains not only launched Cameron's acting career, it turned him into a teen heartthrob and pin-up boy. The young star told reporters around this time that stardom was "just his job," not his identity. He even had early aspirations of becoming a brain surgeon.

During the last few seasons of Growing Pains, Cameron began separating himself from the rest of the cast, turning his attention toward religion and preferring to spend time with his family. The young star eventully became an Evangelical Christian, and further isolated himself by insisting his story lines not include any racy or adult material.

While working on Growing Pains, Cameron appeared as a guest star on many other TV shows. On the popular sitcom Full House, he played the cousin of D.J. Tanner, portrayed by his real-life sister, Candace Cameron.

Cameron also expanded his career beyond the small screen, appearing in such films as Like Father Like Son (1987) with Dudley Moore, the romance Listen to Me (1989) and 2008's Fireproof.